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Customer Complaint Policy

At Mount Hay Technology we aim to keep our customers satisfied. If you have a complaint about our service please tell us so that we can address the problem. We recognise that:
  • Customers have complaints about the goods and services that we provide from time to time
  • Customers have a right to make a complaint
  • Complaints offer us an opportunity to obtain feedback and improve our goods and services
  • Complaints require a response and resolution to maintain a good relationship with our customers

Customers may complain in the following manner:

Customers may use the Mount Hay Technology Online Complaint Form to lodge a complaint, or download a printable version of the Complaint Form and send it by: Mount Hay Technology shall respond in writing to the customer within 10 working days.

Alternatively, customers may telephone Mount Hay Technology on:
  • (02) 4759-1247
Mount Hay Technology staff will deal with a telephone complaint by:
  • Identifying themselves
  • Recording the customers contact details
  • Asking the customer to explain the problem and confirm with the customer that their understanding of the issue is correct
  • Being courteous and polite
  • If the staff member is unable to resolve the problem immediately, they shall explain to the customer that they propose to hand the problem to someone who can deal with their complaint
  • Give the customer the name of the person that will deal with their complaint and a time frame of when they can expect a response
  • Check that this course of action is acceptable to the customer
All complaints will be responded to in a timely manner. If the complaint is unable to be resolved immediately, an acknowledgment of the complaint will be sent to the customer within 2 working days of the complaint being received and a time frame given to the customer for the complaint to be fully resolved.

Recording of Complaints

The staff member who receives or deals with a customer complaint must keep a record of the complaint by completing the Mount Hay Technology Complaint Form and documenting:
  • The nature of the complaint
  • The outcome of the complaint
  • The response time of dealing with the complaint

Record Keeping and Complaints Review

  • Details of complaints shall be kept on file
  • Review and monitoring of complaints by management as they occur to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction with complaints resolution

Ownership of this Policy

All Mount Hay Technology staff are the owners of this policy.

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This Page was last updated on Thursday 29-Jan-2009